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Join us in celebrating Stonewall Day!

By MNGFFL Board, 06/26/20, 11:15AM CDT


Good Morning MNGFFL Family,
On June 28th 51 years ago, Marsha P. Johnson, a black transgender activist, and a group of LGBTQ+ individuals courageously took a stand against police raids that had become customary at the Stonewall Inn in New York City. Without this stand against injustice, we would not have legalized gay marriage. Without this stand against injustice, we would not have the representation we have in popular culture. Without this stand against injustice, there would be no celebration of Pride. As we take this time today to reflect on how far our community has come, we must also recognize there is so much more work to do. We need to create the space to elevate and celebrate members of our LGBTQ+ family, most prominently our transgender community of color, who society so often treats as “less than.” Whether it's inequitable access to healthcare, stable and affordable housing, or the fear that comes with interacting with the law enforcement community, we must continue this fight for justice and equitable treatment and acceptance of our entire community.

The fight for justice is an eternal struggle, and it's on us as a community to honor Marsha P. Johnson and the courageous few that stood up to injustice at the Stonewall Inn 51 years ago. As their actions taught us, lasting change is possible, but rarely is it easy. This Stonewall Day, we implore our community to take that uneasy step. To be open to uncomfortable conversations and realities--the same truths too many in our LGBTQ+ family experience every day. Together, we can help make lasting change.
Although we aren’t yet able to share the field with all of you, we hope that you are doing well and staying safe. If you’d like to share your thoughts, feelings, or experiences, please reach out to the league at
Thank you,