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There is no pride without justice.

By MNGFFL Board, 06/01/20, 5:30PM CDT


June 1st marks the beginning of Pride month. Before we can celebrate the immense amount of work that has been done and is being done to give LGBTQ+ people equality and representation, we must first stand up in solidarity with those who are still fighting to be heard. There is no pride without justice.

The murder of George Floyd was inexcusable, unjust, and avoidable. It has sparked a nationwide call for justice and reform. We stand in support of the voices calling out for the work that has yet to be done, to move forward to a more just and equal society. We cannot move “back” to a peace absent of justice, we must move forward to a peace that is secured by ensuring that the voices of the most marginalized members of society are elevated, heard, and acted upon.

The catalyst for LGBTQ+ rights was started by queer black individuals who responded to injustice in a way that could not be ignored, and today we hope to amplify the calls for justice that refuse to be ignored. We are making a commitment, as a league, to better ally with and listen to the black and brown voices that have too often been disregarded. We see you.

We encourage those who stand up for positive change both locally and nationally. Below is a compiled list of some of the resources and organizations that are advocating for community justice, healing, and reform:…/general-…/how-to-support-the-twin-cities

Black Lives Matter.


Artwork by Andres Guzman